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Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-5 Bass - CRBS

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Tuners -

Grover Bass

The Grover® ‘MINI” is lightweight, compact and durable for modern electric basses. Gear ratio is 20:1. Housing is specially machined to achieve the precise tolerance that prevents slippage and allows fine tuning. Sealed gear box has permanent lubrication that makes the MINI friction-free for life.

Finger Board -


Ebony has a snappy, crisp attack with the density of Maple, but with more brittle grains, oilier pores, and a stronger fundamental tone than Maple. It has a tremendous amount of percussive overtones in the pick attack, that mute out shortly thereafter to foster great, long, sustain

Pickups -


Inside are both single and dual-coil pickups, each with its own output. The single-coil mode is a new version of the J pickup built in the CS (ceramic and steel). The dual-coil mode is the popular CS dual-coil consisting of two coils opposite one another creating a pickup similar to model 40CS. A push/pull volume pot allows you to change from the clarity of a single-coil to the fatness of a dual-coil.


Neck -

Multi-Laminate Maple & Walnut

Made from 3 pieces of maple and 2 center strips of walnut. This well balanced combination of select wood takes the bright tones of maple and adds a dark tone from the walnut strips. Often used for Thru neck construction giving the acoustic tone of the instrument a perfect string vibration transfer to the body.


EMG Active B64 3-band EQ

The B64 E/Q was designed for contouring bass, mid and treble frequencies of bass guitar. It has a tighter filter bandwidth giving a more pronounced effect from each control. The mid-cut of the B64 is perfect for “funk” with its mid-range centered at a lower frequency. Both Bass and Treble controls on the B64 are more selective and don’t creep into the mid-range.

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Construction: Neck-Thru w/Ultra Access 
Available Bodies: - Mahogany w/Quilted Maple 
Neck: Multi-Laminate Maple & Walnut 
Finger Board: Ebony 
Frets: 24X Jumbo 
Inlay: Mother of Pearl Gothic Crosses 
Bindings: Mother of Pearl Multi-Ply 
Tuners: Grover Bass 
Pickups: EMG 40TW 
Electronics: Vol (tap)/Vol (tap)/EMG Active 18v B64 3-band EQ 
Available Bridges: - Schecter Custom String-Thru Body or Top Load 
Scale: 35" 
Hardware: Black Chrome 
Available Colors: - 3-Tone Satin Sunburst (3TSSB)
- Crimson Red Burst Satin (CRBS)
- See-Thru Black Satin (STBLS) 
Available Cases:
Available Lefty: Yes