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Schecter Raiden Special-5 Bass - BCH

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Tuners -

Schecter Bass

Schecter Bass tuners provide high quality, precision tuning with minimum weight. Details include a 17:1 gear ratio allowing for precise fine tuning adjustments, removable knobs, threaded peghead bushing, and a 13.6mm diameter peg hole.

Finger Board -


The most common fretboard, Rosewood is naturally oily, and works well for any surface that sees frequent human contact. The sound is richer in fundamental than Maple because the stray overtones are absorbed into the oily pores.

Pickups -

Schecter Diamond SuperRock Bass

Two Jazz pickups in one casing. In two Coil mode the midrange is powerful with a nice punch. When Push-Pull Tone knob is pulled up the Single coil tone is classic with Jazzy lows and highs.

Neck -


Maple has a uniform grain, it’s strong and stable, and it has less reaction from environmental changes than other hardwoods. Its tone is highly reflective, and focuses more energy onto the body wood. Maple transfers a bright tone to the body which complements the warm tones of a mahogany body


Diamond DLX String Thru

Traditional steel plated bridge with increased string travel for extra intonation adjustment and string through body design.

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Construction: 6 Bolt-On 
Available Bodies: - Basswood
- Basswood w/Quilted Maple Top 
Neck: Maple 
Finger Board: Rosewood 
Frets: 24X Jumbo 
Inlay: MOP Dots 
Tuners: Schecter Bass 
Pickups: Schecter Diamond SuperRock Bass 
Electronics: Vol/Vol/Tone (tap) 
Available Bridges: - Diamond Deluxe String-Thru Body 
Scale: 34" (4) 35" (5) 
Hardware: Black Chrome 
Available Colors: - Black Cherry (BCH)
- See-Thru Black (STBLK) 
Available Cases:
Available Lefty: No