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Auralex 2" Designer Series Treatment 1x1 panels

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 Comes with 96 panels.

Introducing the Auralex Designer Series Treatments - DST! Auralex continues to lead the industry in acoustical performance with innovative acoustic foam products the market demands. Many of you wanted products delivering Auralex Studiofoam performance, longevity and value, with a different look than we've had available in the past. "Your products are great! How can we make it look incredibly cool without doing some funky cutting?"

These 1' x 1's provide a great design base. They can easily be cut in half to offer exciting combinations. The DST-112s come in Charcoal Gray only and can be highlighted with the colors of the other Designer Series Treatment acoustic products.

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• Comes in 24 or 96 panels for 24 or 96 sq. ft. of coverage

• Suggested adhesive is 1 Foamtak or
3 Tubetak (per 96 sq. ft.)

• Available in Charcoal Gray only