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Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amp - Black

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While it weighs in as the smallest and lightest of the Roland Cube family, this little sibling is a diminutive powerhouse that will not go unnoticed! It’s the perfect companion to guitarists on the go, whether as a portable practice amp or reliable street or subway companion Its lightweight but rugged design makes traveling with the Roland Micro Cube a delight but don’t be fooled by it’s small footprint…this baby brother rocks!

7 different Roland COSM guitar amp models are onboard giving you the flexibility to crank out any sound for any tune from any genre imaginable. The 6 built-in DSP effects taken from the popular BOSS library of effects include chorus, phaser, tremolo, flanger, and a separate Delay/Reverb.

A ¼” stereo headphone output doubles as a stereo line-out so the Micro Cube doubles as a guitar interface, complete with amp modeling and effects, ready to plug into your recording system or secondary amp of choice. Vote a value! There’s also a stereo AUX input so hook up your trusty iPod or MP3 player and serenade the crowd with a full mix. Superb! The included carrying strap makes it easy to stroll the streets with this 7-lb/5oz wonder.

The Roland Micro Cube runs on batteries (6 “AA”) or the included AC adaptor. You’ll get approximately 20 hours of power with the batteries, so prepare to chill and don’t make any plans to cut out early!

A built-in digital tuner make it way complete so don’t bother packing a separate tuner…it’s just you, your trusted axe and the Roland Micro Cube. Welcome to the family!

  • 2 watts
  • Ultra-compact portable guitar amp with a 5-inch speaker
  • Operates on AC power (adapter supplied) or six AA batteries and includes carry strap
  • Jam for 20 hours on battery power
  • 7 COSM Amp Modeling sounds emulates the tonal characteristics of popular amplifiers including the JC-120 and includes a special mic preamp model
  • 6 DSP effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay, reverb
  • New Digital Tuning Fork for an instant reference tone with support for flat tunings up to two semitones
  • Recording/Headphone output
  • Stereo Auxiliary inputs to connect a line-level instrument, CD player, etc. with ¼-inch or 1/8-inch jacks

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