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Keilworth Professional SX90 Soprano Saxophone

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The SX90 Series combines the legendary manufacturing of the Keilwerth brand along with the influence of legendary Keilwerth artist David Liebman.  All models are based on an innovative new bore and bell design that offers less resistance with a centered tone and even pitch throughout the range of the instrument.  All key work is produced entirely by hand to ensure the most accurate mechanism and precision.

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Key :
Range :
low Bb to High F#
Matériau :
German Brass
Boutons de clés :
mother of Pearl
Clés de côté :
Support de pouce :
metal, Adjustable
Tampons :
leather Pisoni
Résonateurs :
Finition :
Gold Lacquer
Finition des clés :
Gold Lacquer
Gravure :
hand Engraved
Cheminées :