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So you wanna be in a rock n' roll band? We're here to help! Success in life begins with success in learning. At Music N’ More’s Lesson Factory, we believe in teaching the most complete lesson plan to help our students achieve not only their musical goals, but to also prepare them for various stages of life.

                                               Lessons for all instruments at Music N' More

Ask any music instructor, or parent of a music student for that matter, and they’ll tell you the skills learned through the discipline of music carry far into life, as well as school. Countless studies have proven students who enrolled in music classes score significantly higher in Math and English classes than students with no musical training, some as much as 27% higher. Also after only one year of lessons, a person’s IQ has been shown to increase, and that increase keeps growing after multiple years.

When you decide to better your musical skills with The Lesson Factory at Music N’ More, the staff of degreed musicians make sure each student is challenged to reach their potential. If you’ve ever wanted to learn an instrument but felt you didn’t have “natural ability”, don’t wait any longer, let these instructors design a custom lesson plan to get you on the fast track to playing music. Whether you want to learn the most complex jazz theory, or if you just want to sit on your back deck and strum with friends, The Lesson Factory can get you there in a fun, friendly atmosphere while providing the discipline needed to get you results. Part of being a musician is performing live, so you'll take part in concerts where they take you from the studio to the stage! So call or come by and let the experts get you setup with custom, one-on-one lessons today.

Lessons at Music N' More