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Yes, I'm ready to start renting my instrument


Yes, I'm ready to start leasing my instrument

Music N' More offers the best rental plan in the area.

Music N' More has your school band rentals for only $24.99!

Our low rental rates stay unchanged throughout the duration of your rental, we don't lure you in with a low rate that balloons after 2 months.

We provide unlimited maintenance throughout the duration of your rental right here in our in-house repair shop, where other places limit your "free" maintenance to only twice per year, and have to send out your instrument for repair that adds valuable time to the process.


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Welcome to the band! Studies have shown that students who study music have a higher grade-point average than those who do not. Music N' More is here to help improve your child's future by making it easy and affordable to get a school band instrument.

Music N' More has 3 simple methods for your convienience:

1. Rent to Learn - fixed payments, perfect for beginners to learn their instrument

2. Rent to Own - fixed payments leading toward purchase

3. Cash/Credit Card Purchase - Offers substantial discount

How do you pick an instrument?

Not all band instruments are created equal! Music N' More provides band director recommended, name brand instruments only! Unfortunately there are companies that will provide instruments that are sub-standard. These instruments are generally less expensive at the onset, but because they are made of inferior materials, the instrument will not play in tune, and many times cannot be repaired at all. Others of these instruments must be returned to the manufacturer for repairs and can take weeks, or even months to be returned.

Our store repair team inspects and prepares every instrument to insure easy playability, instrument reliability, and we stand ready to serve you with the area's most skilled technicians.

We provide a maintenance program that takes the worry out of repair costs. We can even pick up the instrument at the student's school and return it in a timely manner to minimize the interruption to class and practice time.

We make it a point to have all the accessories and books recommended by your school!


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